Doughbits, the next big thing in desserts?

Doughbits are an exotic Arabian dessert that is relatively similar to doughnuts, except they are lighter, softer, and taste so much better. 

The dough is made by hand with special ingredients that give it an incomparable texture combining a crunchy outside with a soft cloudy inside. 

The next big thing in sweets, doughbits are a vegan-friendly dessert everyone can enjoy, whether it be for a snack on the go or as a dessert after a fulfilling meal at Tahinis. 

Why dough bits are the next big thing in desserts?

Available in so many different flvours, dough bits are a dessert you’ll never get tired of repetitively having. Simple to make, easy to love, and oddly satisfying to crunch in one bite, dough bits are the perfect dessert for any taste or preference. 

Almost addictive and granted to satisfy any sweet tooth, dough bits was born in Downtown London Ontario Canada and has evolved to become available across different locations across Ontario and Canada. 


Where you can find the nearest dough bits location to you? 

As we mentioned before, Doughbits is a London Ontario based dessert house, born out of the dream to revolutionize the dessert industry. 

With two of the main locations being located in London Ontario, Dough Bits can now also be found in Waterloo, Ontario, and will be soon coming to all ontario cities. 

While these mouthwatering light desserts may not yet be available in your hometown, whenever you’re in London or Waterloo be sure to check out the popular house of desserts on your way. 

In London & Waterloo Ontario 

As for our belove locals in London Ontario and Waterloo, we strive to offer our products of happiness in the most convenient ways possible. 

That’s why Dough Bits teamed up with Uber Eats, and Skip The Dishes, to create various special offers and recurring promotions. 

If you know the brand, or have been to one of the Dough Bits locations or simply just follow us on social media, you’ve probably seen us outside sampling doughbits to the public. 


We find it difficult to describe how delicious a small compact bit can be, so we try to get everyone to try them and have their own unique experience with our product. 

Ultimately Dough Bits is a sub-brand of Tahinis Restaurants, a highly reputable franchise native to London Ontario, with over 15 different locations in Ontario Canada. 

At doughbits, we strive for greatness just like our parent brand Tahinis, and work to offer the same quality of product and level of service.

We aim for an unforgettable experience and to potentially add a bit of happiness to every person that comes our way.

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