How Dough Bits are making Lokma great again

A timeless savoury dessert with different names all over the world, but to us they’re simply just Dough Bits. 

Dough Bits are known around the world by many different names, Lokma is one of them and probably the main reason you landed on this page. 

Lokma or Loukma, is the Arabic name for these delicious bits of happiness, while other cultures that don’t speak the Arabic language will probably call them Loukmades. 

Loukoumades, Lokma, and Lokmat al-kadi, are all terms used to describe small fried bits of dough covered or soaked in sweetness.

However, ridding you of all the confusion, a London Ontario born brand took the initiative to call the product by what it actually is, and introduced Dough Bits, a simply delicious dessert for.

Varying in names and methods of making, Lokmas just got better when Dough Bits recreated the globally popular lokma and westernized it by adding an extensive range of toppings and add-ons.

With a wide range of sauces and glazings, Dough Bits aims to tailor these delicious bits to satisfy every canadian's taste buds and offer a flavour that meets everyone’s unique preference. 

brought all the way from cultural origins, where it was originally covered in honey or sugar, to be topped off with some of the finest syrups and chocolates.

Available in so many different flavors, dough bits are a dessert you’ll never get tired of repetitively having. They’re almost addictive and granted to satisfy any sweet tooth, 

Nobody should miss out on the opportunity to try Dough Bit’s delicious new take on Lokmas.

Where to Find Dough Bits’ Delicious Lokmas 

Finding the right place to get your Lokmas or Dough Bits is by far the most essential part of  having a full flavourful Lokma devouring experience. 

With two of the main locations being located in London Ontario, Dough Bits can now also be found in Waterloo, Ontario, and will be soon coming to cities across Ontario.

All Dough Bit’s locations are within the Tahini's building, and are in fact a sweet extension of the infamous middetraenian brand.  

You can also order our delicious desserts on UberEats, or Skip The Dishes. 


The conclusion bit on Lokmas

Doughbits are the new best thing since sliced bread. They're delicious, soft, crunchy, and come in whatever topping you like.

There's a reason doughbits have been a staple of the Arabian and Greek cultures for centuries: they're delicious.

Offered in a wide selection of  innovative flavours that will make your mouth water, and have you coming back for more.

With its glazing smothered, deep-fried bits of mouth watering sweets, Dough bits are guaranteed to satisfy every sweet tooth, and delight any first time trier. 

But don't take our word for it: find the nearest Dough Bits Location and try some yourself!

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